What to Wear for Thanksgiving Dinner 2022

Hey Sisters, 

When it comes to dressing  for thanksgiving. Whether you are staying at home with your family or you are visiting family and friends. You want to look your best. It is also important that while thinking of fashion, one should also think of comfort. While wearing a tight fitted dress might stop you from eating all the yummy food, you want your comfortable dress to be elegant. One thing for sure is: we want you to be the best dressed guest or best dressed family member. I have brought some amazing outfit options for you from our website.

In the past, everyone has always gone with sweaters, but this year, I feel we should go all the way out. After not being able to properly celebrate thanksgiving for 2 years consecutively.

For the Rich Aunty: we have the Buga dress. The richness of the this dress sets you apart.

Buga dress

But, if you  are a coordinate girl at heart, then you must try out the Goddess pant set and what’s more, you don’t have to worry about the waist as it has an elastic waist line at the back that will welcome any impending bulging food-filled-belly.


If you are a casual girl by all year round, then definitely try out the Cash app set and pair with a nice set of heels to go from casual to Elegant.


Last but not the least: if you are hosting friends and family then you definitely have to try on the Goddess Dress. As the name implies, at that thanksgiving dinner, you are the Queen and that is the respect the Goddess dress commands.


If you are out of outfit ideas, and don’t know what to wear, you can reply this blog post and we will think of something together.

Have a happy thanksgiving. And don’t forget to Dress Fabulous, Stay Fabulous and have fun.

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